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The year 2021

2021 in two minutes

Norsk Tipping is setting the standard for the international gaming industry with innovative and targeted responsibility measures. The renewal of the gaming portfolio ensures that Norwegian players are channelled to the regulated Norwegian gaming market.


Honours and praise for commercials

Norsk Tipping’s commercials received a lot of recognition in 2021. Five of the company’s commercials topped Mediecom’s advertising rankings in 2021. One of the commercials, ‘A Place up North’, also came third in the Norwegian advertising awards, Gullfisken. The commercial was produced in collaboration with TRY advertising agency.


Customer record in week 50

Norsk Tipping set a customer record in week 50 with 1,030,271 active customers. During the relevant period, the focus was on the Lotto super draw, with 39 extra prizes of NOK 1 million, and the traditional Flax advent calendar campaign.


Launch of Spillepuls

Norsk Tipping’s newest responsibility tool, Spillepuls, was launched on 20.4.2021. The tool is an innovation in the gaming industry and works as a sort of heart rate monitor that checks a customer’s behaviour in real time. If a player’s gaming pattern changes or they start playing in a manner that indicates risk, Spillepuls will initiate a personal digital dialogue. The Spillepuls dialogue makes it easy for a customer to make choices that moderate their gaming when they need it.


Record Grassroots Share payout

Never before has the grassroot funds generated as much as they did in 2021. Some NOK 737.1 million were distributed to around 30,000 clubs, associations and organisations.


Customer service on the winner’s podium

In May, Norsk Tipping’s customer service came second in the open class in SeeYou’s ‘best in test’ customer service awards. The company was particularly pleased about this after a challenging year with higher waiting times than normal.


New Oddsen launched

With its new and improved Oddsen offering, Norsk Tipping’s ambition is to attract sports betting players and thus channel the Norwegian public’s appetite for gaming towards Norsk Tipping’s offering. New services and an expanded product range are included in the new Oddsen solution that was launched on 1.6.2021.

The Langoddsen and Liveoddsen brands ceased to exist upon its launch, meaning that customers now only have to relate to the Oddsen brand.


Responsible Gaming certification

The regular audit based on the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming Standard was conducted in the middle of June and, once again, Norsk Tipping’s responsibility work was subjected to a thorough assessment. The audit resulted in a score of 1,100 points out of a possible 1,100 points, a result that demonstrates the company’s solid work on responsibility.


Fantasy Sports goes live

In connection with the start of the Premier League season, Norsk Tipping launched a Fantasy game solution. A free test version has been available to all of Norsk Tipping’s customers since summer 2020. The solution was upgraded in September 2021 with the ability to bet and win money.


Halved loss limit for instagames

Following a period of increasing revenue from high risk players, the loss limit for instagames was lowered as an immediate measure from NOK 10,000 to NOK 7,500 on 1.12.2020 and then further to NOK 5,000 on 1.9.2021. The new loss limit is part of Norsk Tipping’s work aimed at reversing this negative trend.


New gaming terminals in retail outlets

Norsk Tipping’s gaming terminals at local proprietors and sales agents were replaced with new terminals in the first half of the year. A total of 1,450 Belago terminals in bingo halls were replaced with 1,300 new ones, while all 2,000 Multix terminals at sales agents were replaced. The new terminals have made it possible to implement new responsibility tools that make it easier for customers to keep track of their gaming.

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