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Formal report

Annual accounts

Income statement

Amounts in NOK millionsNote20212020
Operating revenue and operating expenses
Gaming revenue143 74142 594
Other operating revenue 34
Total operating revenue43 74542 598
Prizes35 07334 083
Sales commissions475520
Payroll expenses2453422
Depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets310595
Other operating expenses2, 41 3491 319
Total operating expenses37 45336 440
Operating result6 2916 158
Financial income and expenses
Other financial income51729
Other financial expenses52221
Result of financial items-59
Ordinary result before tax6 2866 167
Ordinary result 6 2866 167
Annual result126 2866 167
The Tippenøkkelen fixed distribution formula5 4975 393
The Grassroots Share 737717
The Bingo Operators’ surplus funds for good causes3640
Measures against gaming addiction 1717
Total transfers6 2866 167

Balance sheet

Amounts in NOK millions Note20212020
Non-current assets
Intangible assets
Intangible assets33331
Total intangible assets3331
Fixed assets
Land, buildings, and other real property3135150
Machinery and equipment3228237
Total fixed assets364388
Non-current financial assets
Investments in subsidiaries611
Investments in associated companies63434
Other non-current receivables73944
Total non-current financial assets7378
Total non-current assets470498
Current assets
Sales agent receivables85771
Other current receivables9, 1498121
Total receivables 155191
Cash and cash equivalents, etc106 1076 208
Total current assets6 2626 399
Total assets6 7316 897
Equity and liabilities
Paid-in equity
Share capital110,150,15
Retained earnings
Non-distributable equity fund 12150150
Investment fund1299
Other equity12326326
Total retained earnings 485485
Total equity 485485
Provisions for liabilities
Pension liabilities13197180
Total provisions for liabilities197180
Other non-current liabilities
Current liabilities
Accounts payable to suppliers14119129
Tax owed 3038
Residual surplus funds payable164 8334 793
Undistributed prizes 194186
Prepaid stakes 149174
Other current liabilities 15726913
Total current liabilities 6 0506 233
Total liabilities 6 2476 412
Total equity and liabilities6 7316 897
The Board, Norsk Tipping AS
Hamar, 10.3.2022
Linda Bernander Silseth
Per Olav Monseth
Deputy chairman
Dag Westby
Aysegül Cin
Petter Torgerhagen
Per Øivind Skard
Linda Reinhardsen Frisvold
Linda Vøllestad Westbye
Åsne Havnelid

Statement of cash flow

Amounts in NOK millionsNote20212020
Cash flow from operating activities
Result before tax6 2866 167
Ordinary depreciation310595
Change in trade receivables814-69
Changes in accounts payable to suppliers-1040
Diff. recognised pension and pension plan payments/receipts151813
Changes in other accruals10-184411
Net cash flow from operating activities 6 2286 656
Cash flow from investing activities
Payments for purchases of fixed assets383187
Net cash flow from investing activities -83-187
Cash flows from financing activities
Dividend payments 6 2465 566
Net cash flow from financing activities -6 246-5 566
Net change in cash and cash equivalents-101901
Cash and cash equivalents at start of period6 2085 306
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period 6 1076 208

Board of Director’s Annual Report

The Board’s report on activities in 2021.


Notes to the annual accounts.

Auditor’s report

Independent auditor’s report.

Corporate governance

Report on corporate governance in Norsk Tipping.